Monday 30 August 2010

Is it just me?

Although there are a gazillion websites and blogs here in the UK that offer really good 'practical' and chatty support for all things crafty and stitchy, it seems to me that they still don't quite manage the community feel of our American & Australian cousins.  Perhaps that's why I keep finding myself unwittingly tagging sites from the US & Oz?

(Before anyone starts chipping in with the anti-American thing, I'd just like to say that I'm not too chirpy about ANY country's politics these days.  Luckily politics and sewing rarely share the same tags)

Is it just that these landmasses are so huge that the proportion of female and male stitchers and crafters who blog is so much bigger? I guess so.  

But there's something else - Along with a lack of guilt and an affirmed celebration of 'doing crafty stuff', there's a natural openness and willingness to 'share' that us Brits are pre-programmed to find cloying and - oh the irony - robotic.

They're not that short on sophistication and irony either ....

Take this FANTASTIC video entry from Amanda Fetters for a sewing-machine giveaway (Q: How would your life be better with a serger?) :

check out her great blog too ..


Ultimately, this is the kind of thing that helps build online communities.

I'm delighted to be visiting ... oh, and have a nice day ..


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