Sunday 19 August 2012

Brighton Wheezy …

I'm sorry it's all been a bit quiet on the Pings front and thanks for the emails/msgs, but I’ve been a little cut off from t'interweb. 

After a pretty icky 'routine’ trip up to Harrow for more ongoing tests last week, I then got flattened by a totally unrelated random asthma attack and pneumonia infection, after a long INSET day training teachers … which meant a few days unplanned stay in hospital here in Brighton. 

Entirely ironic that the ONE DAY I didn’t have my little portable EPP set (or my phone charger for that matter) in my bag is the time I end up in A&E and admitted to hospital! …

Time went very slowly on a ward where no sewing could be done and no external signals could penetrate … No phone, no radio, no hospital radio or TV, no contact! LOL … Just as well I wasn’t feeling very well!

I’m home now …

… and am most happy not to be eating any more of this … 

Why is it so impossible to eat healthy food in hospital? 

Salad or fresh fruit?  Nope. Not. A. Chance.

… most happy to be disconnected from these …


… and utterly delighted not to have to look at stuff like this …



But am afraid I’m not quite up to sitting at the machine yet as squeezing a teabag feels a lot like a full aerobic workout. 

So for the moment a little EPP is about all I’m up for. 


The one thing I miss about my little hospital stay?



So cool on the throat …
… so totally nursery comfort pinktastic …

Must. Make. Jelly.

Peace. Out.

I have had some superfabtastic happy mail, but forgive me if I wait a little to post about the loveliness … I want to do it justice :)


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