Thursday 26 August 2010

My Creative Space #1

I feel quite shy - a bit like showing my greying bra in the communal changing room of the blogosphere ... but here goes!

My physical space is utterly limited to a tidy corner of my sitting room.  My mental creative space is a different kettle of fish entirely! - cluttered as it is with overlapping plans and somewhat confounded by my very rusty sewing skills. My heartfelt thanks go out to all you beautiful people who post tutorials!
Today I breakfasted on half triangles from squares  - I wish I had a toastrack to display them -  (this was for a bit of much-needed sewing machine practice & to do something later with the leftover pieced squares from my therapy quilt) then I snacked on this fab lunch bag (for my god-daughter's birthday?) and am now gathering ingredients for my main course: a nifty-thrifty use of leftovers - and my next proper project - this great munki blocky quilt at comfortstitching.

The last picture shows my first two slapdash attempts, just to see if I liked it.  I do I do! I love the combinations you can get from the blocks and I'm thinking of making it in paintboxy colourways  to compensate for my lack of munki fabrics.

Hope to see you again - in the meantime, pop round to kootoyoo's and wander round some truly inspirational creative spaces ...


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