Thursday 23 September 2010

My Creative Space #5

So, the fun part of my creative space this week is still a little 3D obsessed!  These triangles are much more pesky (don't look too closely at that brown gingham one! - I've corrected it now) I'll show you when I've joined them all up - I want this one to be more angular than the dodecahedron ball ...

The unpicking featured in my post yesterday was to do with my other little project which had to be put on hold when Mrs Singer had her nervous breakdown.

 The sleeves had to be unpicked and re-sewn because of a weird 'one long one short' thing going on.

I haven't had the patience to sew them in yet.  That will be a little finishing project for the weekend, methinks. 

I'm doing the binding now for the neckline, but it looks a bit like a school dinner lady's tabbard, which is not quite the look I was after -  I may have to unpick that too and go for a plain  binding instead
Which colour binding do you think I should use?  



Dirty Pink?

Let me know in the comments section PLEASE!!! I just can't decide


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