Sunday 19 September 2010

Sunday Stash #4

Today's Sunday Stash is all about Japanese linens ... Yum!

These two little beauties come courtesy of my lovely friend Tomomi.  This summer, she and her husband, Dom (who has a great blog here) went back to Yokohama in Japan to complete their marriage celebrations with a traditional wedding.

With all that going on, she still managed to squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping for me!  Now, that's what I call a friend!

... Of course it's much too nice to ever actually cut into and USE! ;)

Tomomi, Dom, and I all work together -  Before I even met Tomo she was famous in our staffroom for the fabulously creative bento lunches that Dom popped open every day, to our drooling delight. 
Tupperware has never been so romantic.

... aren't these pictures a-ma-zing? 

おめでとうございます !
So, thank you Tomomi - for the beautiful fabric and for the kindness :) 


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