Saturday 9 October 2010

A bit of a plan … {Blogtoberfest #8}

Apologies - but yesterday’s lack of Blogtoberfesting was due to 3 hour dental appointment & extractions & partial denture fitting – let’s not even go there eh?

09102010591 But I did use my time well – calmly (!) sewing hexies together for some new pincushion gifts … but then I thought … hang on a mo … 

… these produce a perfect double sided bigger hexie … and I am in need of a slow hand-sewn project … 

(there are more trips scheduled to the d******t) 

So, when I got home (very late at night as my dentist is up in London and my appointment wasn’t till 7pm!) I started experimenting:

I made a 6cm sided template & cut a large hexie out of batting and slipped it inside the pocket.  Ta-Da!  instant quilting !!  In the top most picture you can see the green hexie is a bit more puffy than the orange – it’s got the batting in.

Obviously, if I were to continue with this I would probably tack the batting in once I’d removed the piecing and before turning right side out, but I think I like the idea … you could make a pretty funky double sided quilt reasonably quickly like this.

The idea of making a quilt with a gazillion individual 1”hexies put me off big time because of the long preparation time that would mean for me, but I feel this would be quite fun – especially if you add your block colours into the centres or around the edges to break up the patterns a bit … You could also cut two large hexies from plain blocks and piece them to really make the colours pop…

What do you think guys?  Is it viable?   


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