Monday 4 October 2010

Measure Twice, Cut Once? More like “Pass blade across fabric x 20” ! {Blogtoberfest #4}

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Ok, so yesterday was about me sharing something I learned about sewing straight seams

Today I’m going to share my CUTTING nightmare!

I use a rotary cutter but until a couple of weeks ago I could hardly EVER get it to cut right through the fabric first time (and I’m talking one layer sometimes)

I tried
  • changing the blade
  • loosening/tightening the screw that holds the blade
  • using the smoother side of my cutting mat ( = no rules on it, grr)
I have two different cutters  – 

 this Olfa 45mm - my main one:


and a small Janome, a bit like this, but with an angled head & a pinking blade:


I had pretty much given up (can you see a pattern forming here!?) and was just using my dressmaking scissors (bit wobbly but at least a nice clean cut)

In desperation I found the MOST FANTASTIC TUTORIAL here:

pic from purl bee
It’s all about the angle! I was tipping my cutter handle upwards way too much - about 60 degrees too much! – 

I hadn’t even noticed that nice straight edge along the bottom to helpT11255268

So ... NOW I can cut much more effectively … it’s still a little temperamental sometimes, but I think that’s because my cutting mat has seen better days (I used it for paper and glue for years!)

How long did it take you to learn how to use your rotary cutter? 
… Or is all this ineptitude just down to me !?

.... Don't forget to pop and see who else is Blogtoberfest-ing.


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