Monday 18 October 2010

mmmmmm … Velcro

Last night as I was scrabbling around in my seemingly bottomless bag, for usb memory sticks, connecting leads and pens, etc. I thought ENOUGH!  So I pulled out a few scraps and made two little pouches in super quick time about two hours, truth be told!
18102010644_618x600 18102010643_729x600
The larger one is for pens pencils and work memory sticks, the smaller for my ipod shuffle, headphones & bloggy/images memory stick.
I also found a couple of perfectly sized zips – but after the pressing and lining of the second bag – (the big boy is unlined )– could I find the zips I’d laid out?  Could I?  Nah.  Nowhere.  (Still can’t find em a day later after tidying up!)
Ripple dissolve to 45 angst ridden and frustrated minutes later – Velcro to the rescue!
If you look closely (please don’t!) you’ll see that the bigger bag has some really dodgy stitching on it, where the delightful Damiel decided to keep locking his little belt drive on me, causing havoc with the tension (solved only by threatening him with a hefty screwdriver). 
That’s why there’s the little tag sewn on the back of each bag – to enhance my Velcro moment and to put as little stress on the sewing as possible!  
Let’s not even talk about the hole I gouged with my seam ripper! I also used my ‘London Drizzle’ variegated greys quilting thread, which doesn’t add to the whole look either.
But hey! I don’t mind. 
They’re not for gifts they’re for ME!
And you know what?  I love the Velcro.  I opened those bags about 20 times more than I needed to today.  Every time a student was a little bit slow or too Monday sleepy, instead of barking at them I just ripped at the Velcro.  Bliss!  Monday was fun!


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