Wednesday 17 November 2010

Lucky Me! Lucky You! – NEW Melody Miller {Pay it Forward} Scrappy Giveaway


Last month I posted about my fantasy stash and swooned about Melody Miller’s new ruby star rising line for Kokka (coming out in December, I think?)

Well, Melody emailed me just before she went off to Quilt Market in Houston – and look what I got in the post today!!!
 16112010787_800x600 1

All these fab scraps, left over from the very tiny amount of fabric Melody had in advance to make up into gorgeousness for her stand at Houston.  That’s what!


This fabric is wonderful; the linen is soft and thick and yummy beyond yummy – and because I believe in paying it forward, YOU could win this scrappy little bundle:


Now, I know it looks titchy, and it is really, but here it is unfolded, and I know there’s plenty of craftability in here for you to get your teeth into:


as a guide, the Transistor Radio piece *swoon*, at the top, is 19” x 7”, 
and the Heads strip at the bottom is 33” x 2”

I know there’s only a teensy bit of the ViewMaster fabric, but I’ve only got three little pieces, (one is what's left after cutting the fab belt on Melody’s Quilt Market blog post! - I love that someone somewhere has the other piece of that fabric) and it’s my fave, so there. 

So, here’s the deal: (each one of these counts as one entry):
1.Post about the giveaway (please link to this post so people don’t go to the old address!) and leave a comment here to let me know
2.Tweet about the giveaway and send me a tweet @pingsandneedles to say you have!
3. Become a follower here (or re-follow if you’ve slipped off the list since the move, ahem) and leave a separate comment.
4. Badger your local fabric store to stock it! (Doh! I can’t really check that one, but it would be nice if you’d do it anyway!)

I’ll draw a winner next Wednesday (24th Nov)
I’m happy to post internationally 
and I’ll probably throw in some other bits of yumminess too.

**edit  - there's a great write up of Melody's fabrics at QM by Kim here at True Up


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