Friday 19 November 2010

Physician, heal thy shelf*

*ouch, sorry!

As various little packages of delight *thlop* through my letterbox (at an alarmingly increased rate since I’ve been ill in bed these last two weeks!) I’ve noticed that no shop folds their fabric the same way. 

I tend to just put my fabric away however it arrives, but this has meant there was no method to my stash - only madness.

This past fortnight I’ve also done a fair bit of tutorial browsing - everything from quilt blocks to felt mice, gift tags to mug rugs - but putting all that craftiness aside for a moment …

… the one thing I absolutely love love love is this fabulous folding your fabric tutorial from 3 years ago (!) over at Happy Zombie’s blog.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this has entirely changed my crafty life.  

Until yesterday there was mess and my mojo was severely blocked - now, after an hour or two of rhythmic folding using the width of my cutting ruler as a guide, there is bliss. 

Everything in its place. *sigh*

Scraps and longer lengths of fabric are still stored in plastic bins,  but FQs and half yards are now organised into checks, patterns, plains and spots - 

What does this mean?  

Well, I now know I do have a wide enough range of solids for a paintbox style quilt! 

I also know that it’s time to 

(a) free up a couple more shelves 

(b) put the brakes on my shopping cart frenzy for a while and 

(c) start to get some more cutting and sewing practice in.

So, no time like the present, I just had a bash at this ‘triple-squared’ block from Megan over at Lucy & Norman using some beautiful Riley Blake fabrics - it comes together really easily

(How I wish I could still get hold of that Summer Song trees print here in the UK) 

I think it’s fresh and lovely (don’t look too closely at that wobbly green gingham!) but I’m not sure I want to do a whole quilt like this right now, as I’m aiming for a lap quilt and these blocks end up quite large (12” x 12”)  - so it might morph into a cushion.  

In the meantime, have yourselves a little folding frenzy - it’s amazing how a little organisation can unblock the most stubborn mojo!

Thanks for stopping by - and do leave a confessional comment on the state of your stash, if you dare!


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