Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday {Spoonflower} Stash

I’ve been wanting to do something about spoonflower for ages, but I waited until I'd actually ordered, received and sewn with their prints before posting.
If you’re not familiar with them, spoonflower are a digital fabric printing company in the U.S. and anybody can upload a pattern and order fabric from them.  Most of these designs are then available to the rest of us to order.  It’s like a kind of fabric flickr!
This is what I’ve had from them.  They are all lush and crisply printed and generally yum.
early bird by isabelle (aka) troismiettes 2010-11-25 21-45

birdhouse by Isabelle

carousel by zesti 2010-11-25 21-53

cheater friday by melanie sullivan
texas freckles)

you may recognise this from when I bought a swatch and used it for hexies  but I knew then I’d be back for more, so I bought a full metre!  It’s divine.  I may use it for hexies, or just make a cheat quilt with some hand quilting.  I don’t know yet - no hurry!

fox in the snow by crafty mcgee
I bought a swatch of this to see if it would make good hexies.  It does, it does!

newspaper boats by Heather Ross 2010-11-25 22-1
I love this Heather Ross fabric and I can see it in so many potential projects.

mellophones by marchingbandstuff 2010-11-25 22-17
I made an ipod case using this and it sewed up really beautifully.

These are spoonflower’s current prices: 

Everything I ordered was in their standard quilting weight.  On reflection I think I might try the organic cotton sateen or the linen-cotton canvas next time.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the quilting weight, but it is quite light and I’m so in love with linen at the moment that I think it would be worth the extra $5.


I did have a little set-to with customs because I had ordered over £18 worth - I didn’t actually get charged any customs as such, just VAT … but then our glorious post office added a whopping £8 ‘handling fee’ which I think is a bit rich, considering that’s their job!

If you are in any doubt as to what the UK rules are, have a look here:

Link to HM Revenue & Customs International Postage FAQs

It hasn’t really put me off, although I obviously need to bear that in mind for the future - especially with our VAT rising to 20%!! 

But if you order within the limits (or are prepared to swallow a potential charge) then I can only recommend it as a really good way to find new designers and some really fantastic prints.

My next step is to design a little something myself maybe?  Hmmmmm.

That’s what I like about spoonflower.  It opens up a realm of possibilities.  

Have you ordered from them?  What were your impressions? Leave a comment, do!


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