Sunday 12 December 2010

Sunday Stash - RUN DMC

This hand quilting lark means my original embroidery thread stash, from since I was a teenager, has dwindled to practically nuffink.

It’s actually pretty much a 50-50 split between DMC and Anchor.  I don’t have a preference unless it’s concerning richness of colour.  To generalise massively, I think DMC does wonderful warm tones and Anchor is the king of cools.  

I really wanted to buy Perle thread - with a twist in it - but it is so hard to get here in Brighton and I was too impatient to wait for an e-bay mission. Next year.

I also splashed out the princely sum of £1 on some cardboard bobbins- I know I could have printed out a template and cut them all out and so on, but 

A. I don’t have a printer at home*
*part of my green kick - I use about 80% less paper than when I did have one - and I really don’t notice the difference much.  My classes are paperless too.  Bit rum considering I have such a rampant stationery fetish!  

B. This is not the time to be doing that kind of stuff


I tried using a plastic winder but it was unbelievably useless, like a cheap Christmas cracker novelty … prob on account of the fact that it was incredibly cheap. 

So I spent about a year and a half bloody hours winding it all onto the spools.

It was worth it


love these fab new satin threads which are way shiny

… probably best for single strand work perhaps?!


shininess best seen with flash

… a little colour goes a long way to cheering up a dull winter’s morning.  Oh yes. 

Just imagine what life would be like without it?

… Imagine too, if you will, what life would have been like without  Run DMC. Aerosmith and Walk This Way - I dare you not to smile and maybe even rock out a bit. 

Enjoy your Sunday :)


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