Saturday 1 January 2011

Good Intentions

I’ve had it with the whole New Year’s Resolution thang.  No more, all that inevitable self hatred and disappointment a few weeks minutes into the year.

I start this year with a much kinder list of Good Intentions and a Quilt for me, to help reinforce them.

So, here they are … in no particular order

 Let go
Of course I’m not going to forget all the people who I’ve lost in the last year, but I am going to try to focus on remembering their vitality, not their demise.
Grieving must end.  Mourning can continue awhile.
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… and I don’t mean blogs!  I’ve found it very difficult to focus on a whole book this year.  I used to get through a book a week.  

Time to buck up.


Learn More

From free motion quilting to writing new training courses via a bit of embroidery and painting. 

It’s time to learn and hone and share.

Pop over to Kellie @ 74 Lime Lane to participate even more by joining the Creative Collective ... (button on side bar -->)


Procrastinate Less

We all know it’s much less painful just to get on with the boring stuff.  I’m going to make this a mission.


Nurture Nature

I actually started blogging a couple of years ago to document my wonderful little front garden and all the veggies and fruit I grew, but this year, when my brother got ill, it all went tits up. 

This year will be a bumper crop.

Need I say more?!



Be it on or offline, I need to participate more and spectate less.

Frown less, Laugh more

(once the ribs have healed a bit!)

And here’s a sneak peek at a couple of blocks from my Quilt of Good Intentions:

P010111_10.270002-1_thumb1 P010111_10.270003-1

Fresh and zingy and very loosely based on a Yellow Brick Road pattern … In fact, I'm intentionally being unintentional!  yum!

So, what is your No.1 Good Intention for the coming year?  Do share …


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