Monday 7 February 2011

DQS10 - Mini Quilt? Tick!

 Yay!  My first mini quilt is officially ready to go to its new owner (whoever she/he may be … heh heh heh)

I really hope my partner likes it. 

DQS10 - Finished - Front

DQS10 - Finished - Back 2

There were lots of firsts in this quilt, other than it being my first mini quilt!  I took my inspiration from Gee’s Bend quilts and worked back from there.

inspiration mosaic


I’ve never tried improv piecing and it was a tad scary being liberated from measuring and any sort of clear plan, but as soon as I sewed that first centre block, I was hooked.

From there it just sort of made itself.  I didn’t have to unpick anything (another first!) and just trusted it would find its way …

When it came to the quilting I couldn’t rely on Mrs Singer being able to cope, and with Damiel having his tune up I decided to go with big stitch sashiko style quilting with embroidery thread. 


There were other considerations too; I wanted the front to hold its own and didn’t feel that the wonky block would work so well with straight line quilting, which is why I turned to the trusty hexagon! I wanted the randomness of the stitching to not detract too much from the block piecing.

DQS10 - Finished - Front - zoom

Then I had to think of how to do the label.  Luckily one of the echino scraps and a Sharpie did the trick perfectly!


Towards the end of last year I played with some laser printing onto transfer paper (more of that another time) so, I just happened to have some little pingsandneedles waiting to be used!


I’ve never put a label on a quilt before - I know it’s something I should have done with my big quilts but they were for friends and family, so I didn’t think it was important.  I know better now.  It finishes it off well, don’t you think? 

DQS10 - Finished - Back - Pings Label

My last first (!) was that I made my own binding - I remember posting here that I could never see myself doing this - boy was I wrong!  What an addictive thing this is going to be!


I made a very narrow binding - 1.5” - and used Kerry’s single binding tutorial over at verykerryberry- it’s fantastic!  I had a little trouble with one of the corners, but I think that was much more to do with my not squaring off perfectly!  

So there you have it - my first mini quilt - tick!  

DQS10 - Finished - Front DQS10 - Finished - Back

What firsts have you got in mind for this year?


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