Saturday 23 April 2011

Lazy Hazy Afternoon

Taking a brief indoor breather from the first Great British Bank Holiday Weekend of the year - this finds us with the extremely illogical urge to spend the maximum possible time twigging about in the sun (after only getting out of longjohns and slippersox a week ago) and reaching critical dehydration and 3rd degree sunburn point within ... what? ... a couple of hours? ...

Never fear ...   Us Brits, we work through the pain ... We've perfected Back to Work Lobster Red.

So, while the calamine lotion dries to a chalky finish, I just wanted to post this pic from yesterday ...

It's possibly the most beautiful photo I've ever taken-by-mistake!

Looks all clever clogs misty & slow shutterspeedy, when in reality it's just an extreme zoom, facing into the hazy sun, guessing a bit what was in frame (too bright to see screen, grrr ...) and trusting to intelligent auto!

I love how this wretched wrecked burnt out old skeleton of a west pier still dominates our horizon so hauntingly.

I think my new camera and I are finally getting to know each other a little better.


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