Saturday 30 April 2011

Nowadays …

So, after reading a whole heap of seriously emotive venting of individual preferences over the last few days, via a gazillion comments on this post and several others I forgot to save the links to … I have decided that it’s time for a change here on my blog …

…  a new mission statement, if you will:  

I’m going to keep all of the people happy all of the time

Now, let me see if I’ve got this right ... 

future posts would feature NONE of the following:

wonky seams
perfect seams
wonky blocks
writing without pictures
pictures without writing
talking about my offline life - glass overbrimming
talking about my offline life - glass half full
talking about my offline life - glass grubby, empty and overturned
Gee’s Bend inspiration
pics of what I’m wearing
pics of what I’d like to be wearing
trending fabrics/designers/patterns
fabric porn pics of designer fabrics
interviews with fabric designers
reporting on quilt shows we can’t go to
unquilted/hand quilted/machine quilted quilt tops
machine/hand sewn binding
scrappy quilting
talk of FMQ
pics of Sunday stashes
links to etsy or folksy shops
swaps [in case anyone gets something they don’t like]
bees [see above]
and … comments

Doesn’t take long, does it? 
To end up with absolutely nothing.  

So, let’s just look at this modern/contemporary/classic/traditional labelling & dumbing down kerfuffle from another angle.

It’s all down to semantics … and I know about semantics … it’s my special subject. I wrote an entire dissertation about linguistic & conceptual changes during the French Revolution.

Trust me.  I’m a linguist

Think about this for a couple of seconds, or till you get dizzy …

Just how much has the combination of the internet, advances in technology, digital photography and crazy mad sewing bloggers transformed the world of sewing over the last 5 years?

Quite a lot right? 

As human beings we have a need to categorise things in order to be able to describe them.  When, despite vigorous attempts, something square and peg-like doesn’t fit in to one of our round hole-y concepts, we eventually invent a new word for the new concept.

Trouble is, categorisation is a painfully subjective business.  It’s one of the reasons why English is such a vocabulary-rich language!  It’s like butterfly from chrysallis - starts out pretty ugly, ends up it's own discrete beautiful thing.

I’m with what Crazy Old Ladies says here and Katy @ I’m a Ginger Monkey says here

And if I must be categorised, I’m taking my lead from Katy.  

I’m a ‘Nowadays’ Quilter  

…  and, as far as mission statements go: 

I can only ever hope to please some of the people
some of the time …


So, I will stitch, photograph, paint and write whatever takes my fancy, while retaining a healthy respect for all the other buggers bloggers (and their fancies) out there. 

I think we’ll have a giveaway to celebrate (just to annoy people)  
… tune in on Monday … LOL


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