Monday 18 April 2011

Yay! Swap Delights …

You may have noticed (I hope you have!) that I’ve been a little bit offline lately - I went to stay with some friends in Oxford and now I’ve been sucked into the swirling maelstrom of ‘start of term’ …

That, coupled with a really dodgy internet connection, has meant that it’s been almost impossible to get online long enough to post anything!

I treated myself to sweet peas at the station.  my house is singing with their scent.

So, straight to business … this post is all about the yumminess I received in the post:

This fantastic package in the Doll Quilt Swap, from Samantha all the way across the oceans in Bellingham, WA.

It came in a Flintstones Pebbles cereal box - you can just see it in the top left corner - such great colours!  I love getting a little bit of packaging from another country.  It has its own little story to tell.  (Or one for me to completely invent, at any rate.)

goodies - all mine

Tucked in were some pretty scrummy Girl Scout cookies, some little transfers and the most lovely letter …

But really we should be looking at the quilt - the detail is wonderful, although my photos just can’t catch the butterfly quilting - you’ll just have to imagine it.

DQS10 - Butterfly Queen from Sam 2


‘Butterfly Queen’ - That’s me :)


I was so excited  that as soon as I saw there was a letter I decided to stop and savour the whole unwrapping, reading thing - so I went and made myself a lovely cup of coffee, cracked open the Girl Scout biscuits and sat in the sun to read my lovely letter. 


Thank you Samantha! Really. Thank you. 

The quilt has a perfect new home disguising that boring flat top of my scanner, which is right next to my desk.  So, I get to gaze at it while I’m working.  Perfect!

In other swap news - My Make Mine Modern Swap  parcel arrived for TinyHouse!  I was getting really worried as I posted it weeks ago …  but it did all make it … phew!

my swap to tiny house

I made my first ever potholder for this swap - that was good fun - I even used Insulbrite inside so it’s heat proof.  Get me, eh?

As it was my first real applique attempt I was a bit iffy about my sewing, but seeing it photographed safely at its destination I feel much better about the finished items.

So, there’s a little roundup of swappy news … I’ve got lots of other stuff to tell you, just no time to sit and tell it! Maybe tomorrow will be better …

…  now to try uploading with my mobile dongle, perched in the dying sun on the top step of my flat - all to catch one measly bar of signal !

Technology.  Gotta Love it.


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