Wednesday 6 July 2011

BritQuilt wonderfulness & the lady parts pincushion

Whoa! How lucky am I?  I’ll show you, shall I?

This morning I received my quilt in the BritQuilt Swap.  I had waited till the absolute last minute to leave for work in case the post came. When I opened my front door the box was outside!  Either a silent postman, or my neighbour took it in yesterday, dunno.

All I did know was that I absolutely didn’t have time to give it the attention it deserved.
So, I just ripped the top of the box off, to have a peek, to see me through the day, you know … and I nearly peed myself I tell you. 

You see, Lynne @ LilysQuilts had sent me the best possible “angel quilt” anyone could ever send.  An angel quilt is for when for whatever reason one of the swap partners has to drop out or postpone.  My partner Yvonne has been very poorly.  Sending love Yvonne!

I didn’t even have time to take the contents out of the box -  I just stroked it all for a nanosecond, grabbed the card and flew down the hill to work.

This is what I savoured on my return this evening:


fab mug rug, some scrrrrrrrrumptious  rubystar rising (I don’t have any left, so this was wonderful!  Also my first Sherbet Pips (totally scrummy too!) and some of the lovely post goat Japanese fabric. 

Nestling in there is an infamous piece, now known as the Lady Parts Pincushion you can read a tea snortingly funny thread here from the DQS10 that explains it all and that should give you a clue as to why I’m quite so squeaky!


Introducing Regina Phalange … This was Lynne’s quilt from the Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr, but long story short, her partner sent it back to her. I know. Let’s not judge.  Let’s bloomin frickin celebrate, cos I’ve got it!  Ha-Ha!

So, Lynne, when you said that these had come to their proper home, you didn’t know quite how right you were!  I had to stick a few pins in first,just because I wanted to know if it would feel as wrong as we thought it would.  It did.


But now, you can see the lady parts pincushion happily nestling in her readymade pink pubic heaven, and that is where she will stay.

Whodathunk a quilt swap could give a girl so much fun?

Thank you Lynne.  From the bottom of my flange. Thank you.


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