Sunday 3 July 2011

BritQuiltSwap - Harlot's Web - Ta-Da!


All finished and nearly ready to go to my mystery partner!

I'm just waiting for it to dry - I had to wash it because I pricked my finger really badly and bled all over it! So, partner, blood, sweat and tears ... but now big smiles.

Hand quilted with Anchor Pearl 8.

Back: Kona Coal - I used the backing to bind the front because I wanted the grey side to look more like a whole cloth quilt.

It's really difficult to get a camera to see this quilt the way it is in real life ... the back is vibrant but still calm. There are lots of better detail shots in my BritQuilt Swap set ...

I'll be sad to see it go - it represents so many firsts for me, it's one of the things I love about Swaps!

- first time I've machine quilted anything bigger than a mugrug

- first time I've used perle cottons instead of 6 strand embroidery thread - so so wonderful. I don't believe how much nicer it is to sew with!

- first time I've really ended up with exactly what I first pictured when I sketched it!

I had such a blast making it, and I learned so much! I do hope you like it, lovely partner!

1. BritQuiltSwap - Harlot's Web - Finished & Washed!, 2. Brit Quilt Swap - Harlot's Web - Finished! Yay!


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