Monday 25 July 2011

The Fabric Market Place - And a Giveaway - Yay!

I meant to post this at the weekend … whoops!  I got all carried away with me hexies and jam making and the like …

The lovely Emma, from It’s All About The Fabric has launched a great new website - The Fabric Market Place.  Think of it as a kind of etsy/folksy kind of affair, with the brilliant specialisation of being only for fabric related items! 

I have to say, having had a real dig around as one of Emma’s beta-testers, that I think it feels like there’s so much to explore and to utilise.  I find the other seller sites quite tricky to browse efficiently. I think this site has enormous potential. 


I’ve got a whole load of destashing in mind that I was just going to put up on e-bay or folksy.  Not now.  Emma has inspired me to spend a little ruthless time with my stash while I'm on hols.

It’s extremely early days for the marketplace, so don’t expect a heap of content. It’s a bit like house-hunting. You have to imagine it with your furniture in it. I think this site will build and build.

Now, to make things even better, Emma’s having a little giveaway to celebrate for a FQ Bundle of Happy Mochi Yum Yum! (Obviously I’m not entering, as I just won some at Lily's Quilts!)

So get on over there if you want a chance to win, the giveaway closes on Wednesday 27th July, so you've only got 2 days ... but make sure you take a look a the fab(ric) marketplace too … When I’ve organised my de-stash I’ll let you know!


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