Friday 5 August 2011

198 followers? - sounds like it's nearly time for another Eternal Maker Giveaway!

Wow! It’s been a busy couple of months here - I’m utterly delighted to see so many people following my random blatherings … thank you! 24,000 hits in under a year?! I know it’s not in the gazillions, like many other blogs, but it means a great deal to me. I am deeply thankful that you’ve come along for the ride.

So, to celebrate this, and more importantly (for them at least!) the fact that The Eternal Maker have a fantabulous new website, we’re getting together again to do another giveaway … This one will be a two parter! It starts on Monday 08/08.

But today let’s have a little look at the new site … I think you will really appreciate all the hard work that Anna has put in. You can see pretty much everything that you can get in their bricks and mortar store …

It’s so worth spending some time here … There’s lots of good stuff - designer bundles, scrap bags, monthly swatch clubs - everything from FQs to charm squares - and some lovely organic cottons.

But, what I really really love about The Eternal Maker is that along with what I would call ‘normal’ stock like Moda, Kaufman, Miller, et al - they also specialise in Japanese imports from manufacturers like Hokkoh, Kinkame, Kiyohara, Kobayashi, Kokka, Lecien etc.

There is wonderfulness here …

… For me of course it has to be all of these dreamy Etsuko Furuya prints for Kokka …

(I couldn’t fit the whole range on the page! - trust me I tried LOL!)

Oh how I dream of an unlimited Echino stash. I honestly think I’d swap all my prints just to work only with Echino and solids. 

 Are you listening to that Kokka? LOL!

So - come back on Monday (08/08) for Part 1 of the giveaway …  I promise you it’s a little cracker that could keep you happy all year!

p.s. a little bird told me you might just be able to get your hands on some gorgeous RubyStarSpring at the FOQ next week if the nice delivery man turns up in time ... oh yes ... fingers crossed !!


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