Tuesday 16 August 2011

Ruby Star Spring - I feel a Quilt Coming On

When I got back from work tonight I just couldn't resist having a little solid matching fun with the lovely bee and coin prints Melody sent me ...

Kona comes up trumps again: Canary; Tangerine; Purple; Cerise, Pond and a blue that I can't identify - it's not teal) match this fabric absolutely beautifully. All from Mandy @ Simply Solids

After a cup of tea and some more fabric stroking I just had to dive in and cut and sew and have a little play.

I have the day off tomorrow so I'm going to have a little more fun and see where I get to from here ... stay tuned!

p.s. The Eternal Maker has the whole line in stock here in the UK! Might just have to order a little more :)


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