Tuesday 30 August 2011

Ruby Star Spring Quilt Top Finish - Yay!


- hot off the machine, untrimmed, unpressed ... just ... well, bright!

This was a massive task for me!  A whole improv quilt?

Towards the end of play yesterday (which was actually 4:00 am!) I was really enjoying the rhythm of piecing these blocks.  I liked the fact that I was totally random with what I picked out of my giant bowl of strips and bits.

I also pieced the whole quilt standing up! I know, sounds mad, but I put my machine on my bookshelves, which are the perfect height.  With so much getting up and down to press (which you've really got to do when you're improv piecing) my back was absolutely killing me.

I loved loved loved sewing standing up and I'll continue to do it for most things other than chain piecing or actual quilting.

Today my feet are killing me!  I also trapped my thumb in the presser lever yesterday ... lots of blood (what quilt of mine doesn't end up with battle bloodspots, eh?) but ultimately not that much damage.

After 12 hours non-stop sewing I noticed I'd sewn two blocks wrong side facing, so I decided it was time to go to bed!  I got up early and to be honest struggled through the last block or two.  I just want to get on with quilting it now!

I'm backing it in the paler bright orange (a 100% linen) with no fancy schmancy piecing.   I'm going to perle cotton hand quilt it, I think ...  I fancy doing some cross-stitch on those bees ... I have got the perfect variegated thread though ... so I'm tempted to do something radically simple on the machine ...  But ... This baby is heavy! ...

Now to lock the cat out and get grappling on the floor for some basting.  I don't actually know if I've got enough batting ... d'oh!

*Edited to add - Bwahaha!  Enough batting you say ? Pshaw!  Seriously considering just missing out the batting altogether ... I'm going to sleep on it ... the idea, not the quilt top ... that's folded up nicely for me to purr over ...


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