Tuesday 6 September 2011

Picky Palette

Are you joining in with Lynne @Lily’sQuilts Dead Simple Quiltalong?

I am … I love the idea of letting the colour do the talking for a change, instead of fancy schmancy painstaking piecing … I’ve had a bit of an HST glut, so it will be lovely just to sew squares together!

Also, I'll be needing a quilt back for my 4x5 bee, so I chose my Berlin flea market fabric as a jump off point for my palette, as these are the colours I've requested for my blocks …

berlin fabric

So I dived in and did a little online palette browsing:

I started with De Graeve because I liked the fact that they give you a choice of ‘dull’ and ‘vibrant’ palettes …

berlin palette

hmmm …. no turquoise?

Let’s try Big Huge Labs:

big huge

Meh ... nope.

Howzabout css drive ?

css drive

nuh huh …

OK, so let’s try jrm ?


Not a peep of blue?  Ack! Gah! Damn! Blast!  By now I was kind of losing the will to live a bit …

… one more online try: pictaculous


... well, getting there … but not really right either … now no lemon yellow and definitely a lack of vibrancy!

So, in the end I used the most reliable palette picker for me that I know …

Yup … ME! ... my eyes, my brain, my interpretation!

Here are my solid choices from backstitch’s website …

klona colours dead simple

The background of my fabric is actually white, but I like the way the grey mixes so well with the other colours, so I’m keeping it in there.  So, the palette picker trial did actually turn up something I wouldn’t have though of after all …

… And here they are in the flesh! I would add that the jade, lime and turquoise are more saturated and closer to the backstitch website pics in real life … this little lot will serve me well.

P1060582_800x595 berlin fabric

Now I’m happy :) I can’t wait to start!

To see other people’s palettes and ideas pop over to Lily’s Quilts flickr group.


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