Wednesday 28 September 2011

sundown & a pencil case - a perfect day

After work today I dumped several kilos of marking and text books on my bed and then turned straight round and headed for the sea.

I just needed an hour of fresh air and contemplation. 

Today was beautiful; the sky was cloudless, the hot sun tempered by a cool autumnal breeze.  As I walked to the beach it was ‘starling’ time.


It was a really low tide, one of the few times of the year when we can see sand and walk far out …


usually this is a good swim out …


I needed a sunset, not that depressingly sudden change from light to dark that so engulfs us in winter.

I wasn’t disappointed.


Coming home and doing chores feels like a small price to pay … especially if you just happen to have rustled up a new mega skool pencil case to match your upside-downside journal !


See! There has been a teensie bit of sewing going on!

Tomorrow my bloggy friends, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take some time out and watch some sky.


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