Thursday 27 October 2011

Keep Taking the Tablet ...

About six months ago I bought a very cheap 8" non brand Android tablet, which I kind of forget I have, because it isn't the fastest little worker - although it does connect really well to my wifi, so until now I used it for quick catch up emails and Reader browsing, but not much else.

I am delighted that I have finally found a very real and very useful niche for it.

It is my portable library.

 Heaven. On. Toast.

Don't get me wrong ... nothing replaces a paper book for touch and smell and memory. My dad was a publisher and I am surrounded by books and wouldn't have it any other way.

But ... there are times when digital will most certainly do.

Kindle's installed so I can read and download books. I can make the time to read more easily now that I have choice on me at all times and maybe only able to snatch a few minutes.

I'm a big fan of copyright free downloads, great crime and science fiction as well as classics...  I have bought the odd book too ...

All my text books and resources are scanned as pdfs so I can read and plan with them without having to schlepp tons of books everywhere ...

I have my fave quilt tutorials saved as pdfs too, as well as pics galore. And, of course, my issues of Fat Quarterly.

Technology is a wonderful thing, when you can make it work for you.

So, although the tablet isn't really whizzy enough for me to use for blogging or serious nerdy working, it is absolutely welcome and much appreciated chez Pingaling, as a constant source of eye candy and inspiration and timesaving wizardry.

It's really brilliant not to have to print anything and fabtastic to be able to zoom in on pictures. Recipes are my next challenge, sometime this century.

Any other tablet users out there?  What do you use yours for?

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