Tuesday 25 October 2011

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So here we are, the final day of showcasing the fab talents of My lovely Eternal Maker Japanese Scrap Bag Challengees.

Remember, voting will start tomorrow …squeeee!!!

Today we’re looking through the round window at Bianca G, Emily L & Hadley

(Clicking on the pictures will take you directly to the flickr pages!) 


Bianca G
”My sister has been wanting a muff to keep her hands warm when it's cold outside. I think it would be so cute to have the Japanese prints on the outer of the muff with some nice fluffy fabric for the inside. Oh yeah, she also wants it to be a purse, so I'm working on inserting at least a small zipper compartment of some sort. But she would simply die if she got a muff plus cute Japanese fabric. We've been Japan-o-philes for a while.”

muff 2muff 1

Emily L      tutorial here!   

I would make my little girl a patchwork sandwich bag and try lamintating my scraps once pieced to make it usefully wipeable, she is off to pre-school soon :( and it will be lovely to send her with something made with love and unlike any of the other childrens!

Lunchbag Japanese scrap lunch bag

Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle - Hadley - tutorial here!

”Depending on the scraps, I would be making tags to distinguish all 3 school kiddies identical book bags, PE bags, swimming bags and cardies; children should be identifiable by pattern!“

Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge - The one with the tags!

Please come back tomorrow for a mosaic-y roundup and details of how to vote!  Yay!

Don’t forget, the prize is a year’s membership of Eternal Maker’s Japanese Swatch Club … so these guys need your votes :)

Secret prize for the best muff innuendo comment ;)


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