Wednesday 18 January 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Have you seen the uber wonderful prizes that Ali at VeryBerryHandmade  has gathered for us this month?

Well, my fave is the £40 voucher from FancyMoonFabrics - it was the first place I ever bought fabric online and I still love it …

So, sewing resolutions, eh?  Just two really -

1. Start stuff that lets me practise 3 new (to me) skills.

 foundation piecing
I really want to master foundation paper piecing this year.  It's totally up my nerdy geeky street, but too often I find it difficult to clear my head of other things, so I just don't keep focus.

I did make a half-hearted attempt at a circle of geese template last year, but I got so confused that I just stomped off in a huff after only piecing one quarter! It pains me to see that this was nearly a year ago!

I really don't know why I have such an issue with the zips.  When I was in my teens I sewed in tons of zips.  I used to make my own clothes.  It's a skill I have absolutely replaced with fear and need to regain.

Yes, I have practised … but not enough.  I think I need to get Damiel out again for this one .. The Brother just isn't responsive enough for me.

2. Finish Stuff 

Luckily Rhonda at QuilterInTheGap is running a year-long Finish-Along to inspire and motivate us to finish stuff this year.  I don't usually have a lot of projects on the go at the same time, but somehow last year saw a few sneak into the basket.  

How to make the time?

1.  Spend less time aimlessly wandering around the interweb.
2.  Spend more time getting organised - I have a great year planner diary for blog posts and projects.
3.  Say yes to swaps that will allow me to practise new skills.
4.  Say no to swaps that tempt me just because I want to be part of the gang.
5.  Only join QALs if the finished project has a purpose/intended recipient.

I also want to make much more time for photography, painting, reading and seeing people, but small steps, small steps!

So, if you want a chance to win some amazing stuff, don't forget to zip over to VeryBerryHandmade - you don't have to have a blog to enter ... you can just leave a comment there!  Runs until 26th Jan ...


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