Sunday 19 February 2012

Pay It Forward Loveliness!

Nikki from Sewquine sent me a wonderful little parcel - a PIF (Pay It Forward) enterprise! I had totally forgotten that I was one of her wonderful recipients! 

Feast your eyes on these total lovelies!!


Beautiful Ruby Star Rising has been transmuted into a wonderful pin cushion and a zippy pouch -  which I'm going to take to Bletchley next weekend with a little hand sewing project for quiet moments …

Thank you Nikki … Such welcome post on a rainy Saturday!  I love the pouch.  It's such a great size … I can see it doubling as a quickie handbag too!!  Is it wrong that I can't stop stroking the corduroy??


Ooh, there was some Scottish tablet too …. but that lasted all of 5 minutes!  Perfect sugar rush timing for some tedious HST trimming duty!



The pincushion has already been getting a pounding while I've been playing along in the  Swoon-Along!

So, now I must get on with my PIF endeavour too!!   I think this might be my opportunity to suck it up and embrace the zip … whaddya think?

What I love about PIF is that it has a nice 365 day lead time - my kind of deadline! (I promise that it will be at least 10 months shorter than that though!)

The first 3 people to comment here will get a little something (as long as you promise to PIF to another 3)!


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