Monday 19 March 2012

The Cat Runner*

*nowhere near as emotionally traumatic as The Kite Runner, but still ...

I got back from work to this fantastic parcel from Lyanna @ PurplePandaQuilts  - my secret partner in the For The Love of Solids swap on Flickr.


Just take a look at this haul! - A beautiful table runner, some lovely embroidery floss, a lovely FQ of Echino, some washi tape (my first!!!!) and an American quilting mag !!  Bliss!  Thank you so much Lyanna.  I love love love …


How great is this table runner?  I love the colours the movement in the quilting, everything.
So did Cat 1 - within about 10 seconds of me taking the pic.  Manny was run over last weekend so he's still a bit poorly, but he's trying to jump up and be generally annoying (pushing objects off tables, etc., so I know he's getting better!) :


And then, just as I took it into my room to see how well it went with my duvet cover … Cat No. 2 staked his permanent claim.




As a matter of fact, it will be incredibly useful because BBC (Black Bastard Cat) sheds like you wouldn't believe. It's as if you read my mind because I was going to make precisely this to avoid the fuzz build up on my bedding!

So, again, thank you so much Lyanna

I we absolutely love my our new table cat runner.  As you can see, it has been thoroughly and lovingly adopted in to this household! 


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