Saturday 21 April 2012

2nd Quarter Finish-Along – the list

So, I’m just sneaking in under the tape here to play along over at Rhonda’s for the Finish-Along – but work is just full on - I’ve been invigilating this weekend – first practical ICT paper – it was ok and my students didn’t look too stressed, so I feel a lot less nauseous than I did this morning!

Anyway, back to the sewing - Last quarter I didn’t do too badly – but I think one of my ‘finishes’ didn’t count because it’s not quilted or bound – just a flimsy – so I’m dragging it back into detention for this quarter!

The guilty party? 

My ginormous Swoon-Along quilt – I only have a border to go and then it’s ready to baste.  I’m waiting on pay day for the quilt backing though … it’s been so wet this month that Linen Man hasn’t been out at the market … come on April, get the showers out of your system!

Next up is a quilt top that is so nearly ready it’s pathetic! Having cut into my beloved Echino stash and sewn the blocks for Jeni@InColorOrder’s giant vintage star quilt I just lost interest. It was supposed to be a wedding present, but I just didn’t think it suited the couple at all, so I shelved it … I have another idea for them now, which will have to wait until I have some real time in the summer. It’s going to be difficult! natch.


Anyway, I’m sure I can make this one look lovely, somehow … I may have to chop it up a lot … or not … gah!  It’s the appalling waste of my fave fabric that makes me want to weep! This is my first real big time FAIL in terms of matching fabric to a quilt pattern! What was I thinking?  Don’t get me wrong, I think the pattern is wonderful.  I just think I chose the wrong fabrics!

P010111_10.270003-1_thumb[2]My final choice for the hall of WIP shame is my Quilt of Good Intentions, which I started on New Year’s Eve 2010. I know.  I’d entirely forgotten about it, and only found the blocks when I was clearing and spring cleaning in the Easter hols -  So much for good intentions LOL!

It’s been through many many hours of slicing and stitching and seam ripping and so on … but now I have some good blocks to set forth from …

Long story short the dark grey strips you can see now, were originally a really slippery polycotton that I thought I’d be able to get away with, but really really couldn’t – so I’ve spent some time this week repairing it with Kona Coal.  Much better.  But a right royal bloody pain!


I think it will look great and that really matters, because I’m going to make this one up for Lynne’s Siblings Together quilt drive.  It seems entirely fitting that what started out as a Good Intention two years ago should actually provide some pleasure for someone else, dontcha think? 

So, better go get sewing!  And, if you have any suggestions about what to do with the Echino mess, I’d be most grateful … Hadley, I know there’s pale poo brown linen in it, but it is really yummy in real life … promise!


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