Tuesday 3 April 2012

digital hiatus

yes, well I had a few lovely days in Gloucestershire with my cousin … at the most amazingly huge old rectory … replete with the usual dead flies on windowsills, hibernating ladybirds in the bed and total lack of mobile phone/internet/DAB/fm radio signal.


I did have my camera … and I witnessed Spring in all its loveliness …

(I thought I'd get this post in quick before the snows come …)

… as well as going and perusing churches … something I haven't done for an age.  We went to a wonderful church in Highnam  - very camp and painted by the composer Hubert Parry's father … (I loved it!).  Then on to Tewkesbury Abbey, which although undoubtedly impressive, left me cold to the point of chilled as far as vibe was concerned …


Now I have a day at home before various icky day(s) being prodded by doctors …

IMG_2718So I'll be doing a bit more of this ….

... don't forget you have until Thursday to enter my giveaway here


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