Sunday 29 April 2012

Good Etiquette Revisited

One of the unfortunate side-effects of being a tad busy (and cutting down on my online time so that I can catch up with sewing) is that I have so much to catch up on in my blog reader … !

My self-imposed blog diet means I also completely failed to support Kat and all the great post-ers for her Good Etiquette For the Modern Blogger Revisited Week.  My etiquette mark is way down … sorry Kat!  I even missed my own post!

Anyway, I remedied that today by spending a leisurely morning catching up with all the good advice and, frankly great writing, in the posts below … I’m sharing all the links to the series here, just as much for me as for anyone else … 

If you haven’t already read them I really do urge you to … there’s good common sense and advice here …

Day One - intro
Day Two - Laura
Day Three - Lynne
Day Four – my post from last year!
Day Five - Hadley
Day Six – Jennie
Day Seven - Kat

What a great set of posts!  Thank you Kat and clever people.

In other news I finished up two quilt tops whiling away the rain and the storms this weekend, on top of a busy morning invigilating yesterday… more on them another day … no chance to take pictures as dark and soggy all day ....

As I can’t have a post without a picture, Manny spent much of the day doing this  ….


... and this is pretty much all that BBC* does every day …  try to catch his pathetically teeny tiny tail …

*Big Bastard Cat

I know how he feels!  Have a great week peeps ...


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