Thursday 19 July 2012

Grr … Master your GIMP Tutorial 3 - More Clipping - AGAIN!

Yeah, so I like totes deleted a whole set of posts just after I had published them  Duhhhh.  Sorry to confuse you or your Reader … Maybe I should do a Master your Blogger post next … ahem …

master your inner GIMP

So Anyway … today in Tutorial 3 – More Clipping with Select by Colour & Fill tools we will shift the focus onto the Menu tools to use some nifty shortcuts that produce the same effects as in Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 … As always there are a variety of ways to do things and these little tools are great for building skill.

This tutorial introduces the Select By Colo(u)r tool - which is really really useful and can be used to remove backgrounds from images with the minimum of fuss (to be covered another day).  

I used one of my photos of Monica @TheHappyZombie’s fab Winterkist line ...

winter final

... Then I attacked it good and proper with some filters and stuff:


Please be aware that if you use pictures of someone’s pretty fabric to clip pretty letters to use to publicise your blog or shop you are most likely going against copyright because you are modifying someone else’s original design. 

If you use a picture of something pretty you made using pretty fabrics to clip pretty letters (like the ampersand on my header) you will probably be ok.  Just sayin.

Anyway, here’s the link to Tutorial 3 - More Clipping 

… and here it is embedded …

… and here’s the link to all the tutes together.  Peace Out.


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