Thursday 11 October 2012

Chopin Yellow {11/31}

This post is brought to you through the power of Blogtoberfest 2012

Already missed one Blogtoberfest post, but in my defence I was so utterly wiped out when I got home from work last night that I’d turned the light out by 7.30pm and slept right through until 6am, so you were better off without me … 

In the comments on my last post Catherine@ KnottedCotton said:

Wouldn't you just die without Mahler?;-) I'm slightly envious of the way you experience music, but wondered if particular sounds or notes ever affect you in the same way as primary blue? Thanks for the Kathleen Ferrier - I feel the same way about Kiri te Kanawa singing R Strauss, but yes, without the otter.

Yes!  It’s a Chopin Nocturne that I used to have to (try to) play for piano lessons.  I never got even 1/4 the way into this piece because all those tinkly bits just screamed sharp yellow at me.

I call this colour Chopin Yellow in my head.

When I had took part in some synaesthesia research a few years ago, they bloomin played Chopin into my lugholes while I was trapped in an MRI machine to see which colour parts of my brain lit up.  Sadists. 

I had to listen to this all the way through just to check that it still had the effect.  It was like fingernails down a blackboard in its yellow pointiness ... It's not that I don't appreciate the Chopin.  I do. I just can't listen to it.

I think this is a bit like my reaction to cute  - I actually quite like Chopin Yellow as a colour, especially when it’s mixed with with white and grey, but unfortunately I always hear the bloody Chopin …  and those tinkly bits really make the inside of my elbows itch … so I don’t mind looking at it, but I’m never going to touch any great amounts of it!

Are there any colours that produce pitch for you? Or that just make your teeth itch?

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