Monday 10 May 2021

The Quickstep Quilt

So, I'm planning my next project already ... in my head and on here; I can't work on more than one english paper piecing project at once or I'd never finish anything.

Some years ago I made my Foxtrot Quilt - these are some of the blocks:

I loved that each component was stand-alone and then appliqued onto linen, as I really felt that progress moving along, as opposed to the TulaNova Clashanova Quilt which seems to build much more slowly, even though it's broken down into mini units.

I cut all my own templates and stitch basted for the original (never again) so this time I've decided to give Eppiflex templates a go ... It's quite the initial outlay, but as they are made of mylar, you can use a basting glue pen and are re-usable a bazillion times, I think it's a pretty good investment. I bought mine from Sew Hot Fabrics.

I started with the designer pack which has about 240 templates (it says 200 but there were more).
As you can see they are transparent (really annoying if you drop one) which makes them fantastic for focus cutting.  I also bought a 3/8" ruler to add seam allowances (from Lovely Jubbly Fabrics) cos, you know, gadgets.

I've since added 1 1/2" squares and crowns to the mix.

This is my current moody broody board (it's ever changing)

I still have a ton of gingham fabric in my stash and I'm enjoying this paper piecing lark, as it is a great wind-down from work, so I want to have another go. 

Please welcome to the floor, the Quickstep Quilt
 slooooooow-quick-quick, slooooooow-quick-quick


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