Thursday 14 October 2010

My Creative Space #8 {Blogtoberfest #14}

This week my creative space is a bit
secret squirrel pic from here

... because I'm all signed up for the Scrappy {Hoops} Swap* and I'm finishing off my Rainy Saturday in Brighton giveaway (you've still got until 2pm Friday - irrespective of time zones - and I'll draw the winner Saturday morning UK time)

*I will be giving you [my secret squirrel swap partner] a tantalising little peek over the weekend though ... heh heh heh ;-)

I've had such a busy week at work + all the other stuff, that I have a serious amount of catching up to do; I've probably sewn a total of 1 hr this week - marking sucks!

Hurry on over to Kirsty's for some much more public creative spaces though ...


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