Friday 26 November 2010

Reclaim The Fun

I’m a big fan of Fun. 

One of the aspects of getting older I’m so not keen on, is how easily we seem to lose our capacity for Fun … or maybe even forget we ever had it?  I’m not saying we do this on purpose.  It just happens.

Fun doesn’t require you to be happy and irresponsible 24/7.  It doesn't want you have to deny the serious stuff going on in your life.

It just requires that occasionally, in the midst of the everyday drudge, you just let go and welcome it with jazz hands as it sweeps you off your feet for a couple of gentle minutes.

please enjoy this gentlest of 1min 42s:

Volkswagen has another great viral campaign - Fun Theory -  a competition for innovative fun solutions to common problems ... You can see them at the Fun Theory website.

Happy Friday!  

Remember to let the fun in this weekend.


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