Thursday 25 November 2010

Scrappy {Hoop} Swap - Love Wins

Back in October, when I signed up to my first swap - the Scrappy {Hoop} swap - I really didn’t know what to expect.  I was deeply touched that people would take time to craft a thing of loveliness and then send it to someone they may not know (or indeed ever meet) out there in that boundary-laden, physical world of ours.  

I knew I wanted to join in.  I like anything that embraces and exploits the lack of geographical boundary here in the Blogolopolis.  

And frankly, who wouldn’t want to get involved when something like this arrives, from jennirc, all those boundaries away, in Texas?


thank you Jenni.

At this point it may not be entirely cool to admit that I’ve never really subscribed to all that “It’s better to give than to receive” stuff.  I know I should, and in many ways I do ... ish.  But, I’m so happy I took part and I genuinely zoomed in on the pleasure I had from making the hoop for my partner.

Whoa! **insert sound of stylus screeching across vinyl**  

Was I mad?

Opening up that Priority Mail envelope, ripping through that beautiful rainbow stripey tissue paper, prising open that ziploc bag and revealing something that had been made with great thought just for me … ?

... Blissful.

So now I've moved along to 
“It’s really great to receive if you have given”
 ...  we're making progress ... 


Love Wings


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