Wednesday 1 December 2010

My Creative Space - 'Echino Patchwork'

 This great adventure is the first machine sewn quilt I’ve ever made!


can you tell what it is yet?


Whodathunkit?  Me, sewing a grown up quilt using measuring and everything!?


*Whooh-Whooh* welcome aboard the Chain Piecing Express … How much do I love Chain Piecing?  Heaps! What a brilliant trick …

I’m so enjoying the discovery process and really like the rhythm of 

one thing x a gazillion
followed by
another thing x a gazillion

All things considered, it’s going well … if painfully slowly - but I’d rather get things right and only do them once! … or twice … or … let’s just say the seam ripper is still my best friend. 

Longer post to follow once I get to that inevitable "I’m totally stuck” stage …

Hop on over to Kirsty’s for heaps of far less cack-handed creative spaces


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