Thursday 2 December 2010

100 - lucky me!

I’m quite surprised that it’s 100 posts since I started this blog. 

Not because it seems a lot or a little, but because what started as diversion from the maddening grief of losing my brother, has, in the course of those 100 posts, taken up its own space in my life.  

I love the sense of community that I feel a part of.  All those individual voices making up one big seriously good choir?  It’s a delicious concept if you stop to think about it.   

I also love the people that it brings me into contact with … 

Take a look at what nice-mr-postie braved my slippery steps to deliver!


Isn’t she fab?  I won her on Lara’s giveaway at Create for Life  during Blogtoberfest … and as she’s just spent an exhausting time winging her way over from Australia, she’s recuperating with a cuppa. 

I feel that she should be leaning louchely on a champagne slipper … 

Thank you Lara - She’s even more gorgeous in the flesh - and just IS me !!

So …  Cheers!  

May your toes be ever toasty in socks/wriggling in fresh air*
*delete where applicable

 had to be done!

I’m still working on my next pay it forward giveaway, … I want it to be a goodie and I’ve been a bit distracted by snow, swaps and secret santa deadlines … details tomorrow!


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