Sunday 5 December 2010

100th Post/Pay it Forward/Christmas Giveaway -

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--edit-- Something went wrong with this post, so I'm reposting - apologies if you've already seen it!! - I've also simplified the entry ... heh heh heh ... 

Okay - Now, much as I’d love to, I can’t give you all Christmas presents.  But what I can do is give everyone an equal chance to win one!

For this giveaway I’m going to include a little something of each fabric that has come to me since I started blogging: 

- a FQ from Sarah Fielke’s giveaway 

- a FQ of the Andover fabric and a piece of ribbon I won from I’m a Ginger Monkey ’s Technicolour Yawn giveaway

- some scraps of Melody Miller ’s ruby star rising 

-  I’m also going to make a little secret something too  (I’ll try to make sure it’s not too bin-worthy!)

- and a couple of other bits and bobs

I'll post some pics tomorrow ...

Read on to see how to win!


Now, I loved the weather report comments from my snow post -  

This is what Janet @ Caribou Crossing wrote - I think it reads like a poem: 

Here in Yukon it's about -25 C and supposed to get colder. We've had snow storms for the last two days so we have a great blanket on the ground. Days are short, there is lots of cloud and little sun. Three more weeks until the Solstice, then we have the return of the light.

… it’s amazing how much you can express in a few sentences …  
So, in order to qualify for my last giveaway of 2010 please spread the word by blogging about it ( - and telling me here - ONE entry) 

Then, for another THREE possible entries you could leave ONE comment for each of the following:

1. The best gift you have ever given

2. The best gift you have ever received

3.  The worst gift you have ever received and secretly re-gifted or binned - (names can be changed to protect identity!)

- one sentence, three paragraphs, a whole post of your own - it doesn’t matter.  I know you’re all busy, but kick back for a couple of minutes and reflect a while! 

All followers (I really dislike that word) by the closing date of December 10th, who have entered above, will also receive an additional entry.

Good Luck!


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