Tuesday 21 December 2010


Well, the perfect end to a shoddy year really - on Friday night I slipped down the snowy/icy steps of the Grand Hotel in Brighton (maybe a little the worse for wine, I grant you) and promptly fractured two ribs and bruised my collar bone … grrr …

If any of you have experienced this you will know just how painful it is, and how completely useless any pain meds are, really.

Ne’er mind eh?  I’ve still managed to finish the Ruby Star Rising & Andover quilt - I used my favourite Michael Miller TaDot for the sashing …  Talk about gritted teeth …


… words can’t express how painful the basting was!!


but the hand tying and binding were fun - it took my mind off stuff pain and I did it in bed!


It’s backed with a fantastically soft brushed cottony retro swimmers print - it’s for someone who swims a lot!


Apologies for out of focus pics, but my camera hand is not that steady!

gotta love how some of the hand tying looks like under-arm hair! oops …


Anyway, I’m really pleased I’ve finished it in time for tomorrow when I’ll see the lucky recipient - I love it.

I’ve started another - for my nephew - but I’m not sure if I can finish it in time … I’ll show you a peek tomorrow :)

So, all of you out there - if there’s any snow about - be careful!  Rib damage seriously curtails crafting! 


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