Friday 28 January 2011

Building Blocks

Apologies for my absence of late, but been a bit busy in flickr world  on the old swap front, but even more so in the real world of work - 3rd week of term is always a bit of an eeeurrrgh and this term is certainly no exception! 

I’ll be back in full blog harness next week, but in the meantime
I thought you might appreciate these luscious delights … 

... photos of the Educational Centre in El Chaparral

archi green

The architect is Alejandro Muñoz Miranda. (choose the Spanish option on his website to see more pics)


Inspiration for some more improv quilt blocks methinks?

This weekend will be spent cleaning (yuck!) and quilting and binding my DQS10 effort (yay!) … pics to follow … 

What does your weekend hold in store?  Loveliness, I hope …


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