Monday 31 January 2011

Point and Shoot

Finally pay day has come round … golly it’s been a tough six weeks, what with Christmas 'n all!  I have to admit I’ve had my fill of sardines on toast this month …

Anyway … my pay slip also included a pretty meagre but nonetheless very welcome and not to be sniffed at £150 annual bonus - so I have FINALLY replaced my camera. It’s been about two years since I’ve had a properly functioning, good camera - especially one that has proper manual override for when I’m not feeling lazy.

Oh Joy. 

I won’t bore you by regaling the endless hours of internet reviews and comparisons I’ve read over the past week - finally narrowing it down to two - the Panasonic TZ9 {or 10} or the Fuji S1800. 

Neither will I subject you to all the gory details of the mad rush to the shops after work, the umming, the ahhing, the taking of photos inside my coat to simulate low light conditions (much to the confusion of a girl who really shouldn’t work in a camera shop until she learns that exposure isn't about how much cleavage you've got on show) that eventually led to the purchase of my 2nd choice.

Nor will I document the the rush back to the shop an hour later to admit that I was going to regret my 2nd choice forevermore.  Or even my feelings of woe at having to fork out £60 extra to finally secure my original 1st choice (the Leica lens sold it really).  Sardines here we come again …

And I certainly won’t subject you to the dizzy fact that I had to go back a third time to get my bank card (I was 1/2 way home by then) … No, really I won’t.

I’ll just let you gaze in awe at the great macro and really very good black and white modes, while I ponder the endless possibilities that now lie ahead …


… Obviously I’d like you to ignore the chipped nail varnish and sausage fingers - having spent the whole bloomin weekend cleaning am a tad cheesed off that I managed to forget my bathroom mirror in the process …

Here’s that Macro shot again:


I’m off to take pictures of dust.  See you soon!


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