Wednesday 19 January 2011

welcome mat

Today I’d like you all to extend a warm welcome to my new
cutting mat …

cutting mat new

My old Jakar was over 15 years old, and bless her, she’d lost every ounce of magical restorative self-healing power ...

jakar mat

… let alone the fact that for the first 10 years I used her for paper projects, so she was covered in bits of glitter & paint & glue that wouldn’t shift … and no measuring guides, so everything's been a bit hit and miss on the squaring off front!  

cutting board

 Well, plenty of markings here … oh my, what a difference this makes!  It’s just so much easier on my rotary blade!

Just in time for all the manic swap action …

If anyone’s interested,  I bought it online from The Cotton Patch  - they have great fabric, including some nice looking solids (which I’m not buying cos of this dashed fabric diet) but they also have incredibly extensive stock of notions and haberdashery - Insul-brite for making potholders, rulers, mats, needles for every possible occasion, oh it’s just joy and good pricing too.  

They do ship internationally, but obviously it’s a bit daft to buy a ruler and ship it, so just stick to the fabrics and other stuff! …

Cotton Patch are also incredibly helpful, as the first package went awry in the crap Christmas post fiasco, and having received a resounding “UH?” from the Post Office, they were very quick off the mark. 

So, Omnigrid - This could be the start of a beautiful friendship -


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