Sunday 27 February 2011

Spring Has Sprung & Tiptoeing into the Unknown

While I was cutting out all the leaves for my Make Mine Modern Swap on Flickr, I thought it would be fun to do a little stop frame animation while I played around with where to place them ...

… so, I wrapped my little gorillapod tripod (such a brilliant invention!) round my uplighter and off I went …

Several (about 60) shots later I then imported them all into Windows Movie Maker (it’s a free program that you’ll find tucked away in your program folder) found a public domain birdsong track here and voila!

It was good fun … I’ve also taken shots in reverse to have them all landing on the ground, for an autumn to winter video, which I’ll take a little more time over at a later date …

Anyway, back to the sewing - Next, I fused and appliqued them all on (drat, how dull is that!) and then brought all the thread ends to the back (double drat, even duller) until I ended up with this:


Just a little embroidery left to do and then the batting and backing to baste.

This is where the tiptoeing into the unknown comes in …  As this is meant to be a wall hanging I could leave it completely unquilted but I thought I might have a bash at some FMQ now that Damiel is back to full health … Luckily his full speed is vrooooooooooooom so I think he’s perfect for this kind of thing.

I had a little go earlier today (I’ve never done this before with a fully working machine!) and this is what I got after about 10 minutes of mucking about on a practice piece … From what I’ve gleaned off the intertubes it seems you should pedal to the metal but move the fabric relatively slowly … ?

(excuse the rude drinks coaster bottom left!)

Here’s my dilemma - I really really don’t want to muck this up, as I think it’s looking just how I wanted it to … but I was thinking maybe just a bit of echo quilting round the leaves? Or shall I leave it?

- Any tips and suggestions would be really welcome - Here are some things I’m really not sure about:

  • tension - tighter or looser than normal sewing?
  • stitch length - I’m assuming you set this to 0 or 1?
  • any tips for getting good loops? I seem to be ok in one direction but not the other - they end up being a bit squared off

And finally - do you like my new look?  I had a bit of a tidy up and cut the side columns down to just one on the right … I wanted more room for pics and less clutter … I’ve also amalgamated my static pages in the tabs above, to make room for some stuff I have planned …

Hope all is good wherever you are today … and please leave me some suggestions re. the FMQ if you have the time !!


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