Monday 7 March 2011

Urban Home Goods Swap? Tick!

Hey blogsters, sorry for my absence, but I had one of those weeks …

No, really,

one. of. those. weeks.

Monday started off with me being ranted at and then the week continued with me ranting a bit meself, sulking, despairing, crying, feeling remorse and then feeling angry again. I also ate a lot of fizzy sweets, had a crash and burn sugar hangover and finally lost myself in some sewing this weekend.  It took a long while before I wasn’t unpicking everything I’d sewn, but I found the unpicking strangely therapeutic, as if I were slowly unravelling the crap of the week.

P1010784_448x600I had to finish my pieces for the Urban Home Goods swap, ready for posting deadline today!  eek!

Now, I’m pretty sure my swap partner isn’t likely to drop by here (she was pretty invisible on the flickr group) I know she’s a very busy mum, and as well as being a fab maker of things and she also works as a bleeeeep (just in case you're here stalking. partner) , so she probably has very little time for the interweb!

Luckily my lovely partner sent really good likes and dislikes so I was just able to get on with stuff.

In the Urban Home Goods swap you make one large item and one smaller one.  There was a request for some placemats for her boys so I made these:


I had to strategically place stuff where her boys’ initials are to put in the flickr group, but here they are in full:

P1010778_800x600 P1010779_800x600

They were a bit of a big deal for me, as I really haven’t done any applique since I was about 13 - so that’s quite a 35 year knowledge gap LOL … as a result there was a lot of huh? what? and f!~#@! goin on …


Lots of firsts too - I used freezer paper for both outer and inner plates, using the famous “pin it, iron it, sew it, remember to leave a gap, grrrr, unpick, remember to leave a gap!, poke your fingers in and pull the blighter out” technique …

By which time I deferred to bondaweb for the cutlery.  I also made up the little aliens to match the fabric pattern and bondawebbed them in too … The main fabric is a lovely natural Essex linen, with a super deep green silky gingham on the back … I didn’t use any batting in them, so they’d be more floppy, and I made them quite large so that the kids can use them on their laps for a picnic.

My second item was a pot holder - my lovely partner said she loved Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, so I made her this:

P1010792 P1010793

This design has a little pocket so you can get a better grip.  It is padded with natural batting and insulbrite so with any luck it should protect against burnt fingers!  I used this great tutorial here at prudent baby, and I love the quilty wrinkling it’s got goin on … 

I’ve never made a potholder before and what with the whole pocket thing and two types of binding making, I reckon I could’ve made a doll quilt in half the time LOL!


I know the stitching’s a bit wibbly wobbly, but I’ve been having some tension issues, LOL, probably mirroring my week again! …  but it’s strong and I think it looks much better in the flesh than it does here … or at least I hope it does!

So parcel’s in the post partner! Hope you love using them as much as I loved making them!

Look at all those stamps!! I love the eyeball ones, but the Remembrance Poppies are my favourites!

P1010688_561x600So that’s just the Make Mine Modern Swap left to go … I’ll be echo quilting those leaves - thank you for all your helpful comments - the way things worked out this week I didn’t have any time to practise the old FMQ, so it will have to wait until stress has been replaced by calm

… in the meantime, have a lovely week :)


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