Wednesday 9 March 2011

the serendipity of foraging in random forests …


When you go for a walk in a forest the first thing you probably notice is that there are a lot of trees.

As you walk a bit longer you might start to breathe in the smell of fresh or dry leaves, turned earth, of grass, of mushrooms.  Then you start to notice particular trees, they might be imperious; tall; short; teenage and sapling; arthritic and dying; proud; weedy or just plain misfits in the scheme of things.  You soon realise that the path you started to follow has long since disappeared.  You have been navigating by sensory instinct rather than compass.

I find the same thing happens when I have the time to go on a little web wandering …  I will often follow a link from a comment, which leads me to link upon link upon link until I find something that gets my solar plexus and I have to stop a while to catch my breath.


This is what happened when I discovered Leeds based designer-maker, Mr Finch. The first thing I read was this post back in November about a 19th Century Miner's canary, so I started to follow.

I’d been reading his blog in lurk mode for quite a while until he posted this about inspiration, and then I just had to de-lurk.

Then I saw these sleeping foxes and I fell hook line and sinker!


So I asked if he could make a smaller one - and look at this!


… trouble was, I’d already bought this beautiful moth from Mr Finch's Etsy store so it will have to wait until next month now …


they are so delicately made and look just fantastic on the wall …

P1010808 P1010809 P1010805

Finch is making a lot of moths at the moment!


but he also makes wolves and moons and birds - these are his latest:

weeping trophy heads:



.... and he loves a bit of moss!

So, I urge you to go for a wonderful walk in the forest with Mr Finch. It can be a little dark and a bit frightening in fairy story kind of way, but it’s one of those blogs you want to start from the very beginning and read through to the present day … Enjoy!

If after that you want to buy a little something to mark the day, do visit his Etsy store

all pictures (except the single moths) from Mr Finch's blog page


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