Thursday 10 March 2011

The 365 Project & A Little FMF Giveaway - Dumbell & Tulips

If you want to scroll down to the Giveaway bit, feel free, but you’ll only have to scroll up again … mwahhahah!

Since Valentine’s Day I’ve been taking a photo a day and posting it here at the 365 project … I’ve tried to make a point of not photographing too much stitchy stuff, but bits and pieces inevitably creep in …

Here’s how March is shaping up - (I set myself a little 7 day colour challenge this week) - It’s good fun and I like the discipline of a tiny daily task.  Click on pic or link in sidebar to go to my project page.


So, onto the giveaway …

Why now, I hear you squeak? Well, I meant to have a giveaway to greet the new year, but I missed it - then I planned on having one when I got to 11,111 page views, but I missed that too …  and now I’m nearly at 12,000  … coo-err!

So, before I get bogged down in any more swaps/quiltalongs/custom orders (more about them soon) I thought I’d just do a teensy giveaway to greet the slow but sure green shoots of spring.


You could be the lucky winner of two fat quarters of FMF  -  Dumbell & Tulips in brown - I know it's not a giant haul, but it could just complete someone's stash eh?


I’m also throwing in another FQ (things are nicer in threes) of a Michael Miller fabric that I love but just can’t find a use for!  The brown is so rich and the quality is just divine.


and last and probably least (!) a little frivolous item I’ve been dying to make for ages ….


If you want to have a chance of winning 3 FQs and a little something silly made by me please pop on over to my 365 project page and leave me a comment on any picture that grabs your eye …

I’ll do my random org-ing based on the comments THERE but if you leave a comment here TOO then I’ll count that as a second entry … easy peasy eh?  Feel free to spread the word :)

*edited to add: sorry, I didn't realise that you had to signup to 365 in order to leave a comment, so you can just browse my pics there and leave your comments here if you don't want another web-based thing to  get inovlved with !

Entries close Tuesday 15th March midnight my time, here in jolly old Brighton … Good Luck!

and yes, of course, I'll post internationally !


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